Kal Key

Founder of The Pilgrimage


Gifted with a keen eye, a compassionate heart and an insatiable thirst for philosophy, Kal Key headed straight off the trading floor with the high-profile work that goes with it, to help others invest in, what he considers, their most important commodity. Themselves. Noticing a general lack of connection and fulfilment in every face around him, he recognised that same look from past points in his own life. Feeling a soul-deep sense of purpose, he knew that ultimately, he would only find his own happiness assisting others in discovering their most authentic selves. He dedicated himself to sharing his feel-good music with a purpose and his message with positivity and presence.


His first musical offering, ‘Lifetimes’ charted in the top 10 of iTunes UK singer/songwriter chart. He was also recently picked by the Prime Minister of India’s executive team to perform for the PM on his state visit to the U.K. at Westminster Central Hall, London. This was broadcast to over 100 million people globally.

Present day

Now, Kal Key is bringing his passion and purpose to fuel another big project. As the founder of The Pilgrimage retreats he is handpicking locations, and an innovative creative team in order to help transform lives and bring individuals to a place where they can find themselves and their most brilliant essence.

Watch live performance

On the 19th of April, 2018 – Kal Key sang live for the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi - Live in London, Westminster Chapel accompanied by Shammi Pithia, Preetha Narayanan, Rafael Marchante.

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