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WHy the pilgrimage

The Search for the Authentic You

At The Pilgrimage, we facilitate one of the most influential internal journeys you will ever embark on. As overused as it may sound, together, with our team of leading coaches, facilitators and creatives, we are on the look-out for the authentic you, and while you may have encountered the term before, who is that person? Who are you really?

Inundated as we are with modern technology and social media, in particular, we are constantly being told who to be, what to be, and how to be. Suggestions come flying at us on a near constant basis about what goal to achieve next, what milestone to hit, what our happiness should look like, what our evolution of self should feel like and look like, and even, what we should be wearing when it all happens.

With all of these ideas of someone else’s version of prosperity and abundance, can we really claim any of it as truly ours? While these models can seem to mimic the trajectory of where we would like our lives to go, all of these suggestions and motivations can often make us feel as though we, as we are, are not enough and perhaps never will be. Not until we somehow look and act exactly like someone else.

But where do our ideas and feelings fit into these pre-made models of motivation and inner-development? Do we have any authentic place at all?

These are questions that we encourage on our retreats. These are questions that we challenge you to answer, and we are honored, not to make those decisions and answer those questions for you, but to assist you in arriving at the threshold of those answers feeling more like you than perhaps you have ever felt before.

So, who are you? It becomes difficult to begin answering questions about our hopes and desires if we don’t have an idea of who we are, not only as people but as souls on this great journey of discovery that we call life. The truth is: beyond our bodies, our genders, and our race lie our identities as conscious beings; souls who are traversing this earth in search of happiness, relationships, connection, love and acceptance.

So many ancient branches of wisdom hold the overwhelming opinion that above all of that is the existence of a consciousness which is even greater than ours; the source and the origin of all that is, which is filled with knowledge, love, bliss and compassion. Our innate identities are forever linked to that divine source. The ultimate truth is that we are parts of that Original Whole. That source of all consciousness is always perfect and complete, and as the fragments of that divinity, we contain a qualitative similarity with that divinity, even if we lack the quantity of those incredible attributes. In other words, because we are qualitatively one and the same as that divine source of all consciousness and love, we are complete and whole. We lack nothing. We contain everything we need. We are enough. We have always been enough.  We simply have to remember and re-new our connection to that information and to that divine consciousness.

This principle of Purnam is one where we re-establish ourselves as perfect, complete beings free of the many trappings which try to keep us tied to the stresses that cause us to fill our minds with ideas of inner poverty. This principle is at the heart of what drives The Pilgrimage retreats and this is what makes them so unique.

Without bombarding you with the next big step to achieve, we attempt to facilitate an inner exploration of how you are enough, right here, right now; how you have always been enough, and how this mindset can make a huge impact in your life and the lives of everyone that you meet. Using the tools you’ll encounter during The Pilgrimage, you will come away with resources and manuals leading toward your greatest happiness which are guided and crafted by who you are as a unique individual. The shifts you make during our time together will set into motion the kinds of transformation many can only dream of.

When we gain the confidence to rest in the knowledge that at our core, we contain everything that we need, we can break down the door of what holds us back from our most extraordinary achievements, and what we can create and produce with that inner knowledge becomes limitless.

You come away from The Pilgrimage experience having gained the strongest, most indestructible relationship to who you really are and how to put your plans for your hopes, dreams, and relationships into action with character and integrity so that you are completely, perfectly, and lovingly unstoppable.